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HUD Case Number: Date: 6/18/2024
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(Please read the following page. This will inform you about the winterization schedule and fees. Furthermore, it will provide answers to FAQ’s). HUD homes are sold "AS IS". It is STRONGLY advised that the purchaser have a professional home inspection performed on the home to be aware of any and all property conditions prior to closing as NO Property Condition is guaranteed.

1. Please Review Policies, Fill Out, Sign & Send with Contract. When you receive written permission (you have an executed sales contract), contact the local utility companies to set up future dates between them and your home inspector. As per HUD, the buyer is not to activate any utilities without the FSM’s prior approval. Please keep in mind that it does take up to 3 business days to review and receive approval from the FSM.

24 Asset Management Corporation. will solely approve/disapprove inspections for water - electrical - gas systems. If there are any delays by the utility companies that interfere with your 10-15 day inspection period and/or appraisal period, 24Asset will not be held liable for any contract extensions that may occur.

PLEASE NOTE: The city and/or county where the property is located may require that an inspection of the separate utilities be performed by the city and/or county to determine if the utilities are cleared for activation and/or that all system components meet code compliance.

The undersigned purchaser and the agent for the same hereby holds 24 Asset Management Corporation., and its subcontractors and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) harmless and assumes full responsibility for any and all related deposits, connection and usage fees associated with this activation. The undersigned further assumes full financial responsibility for any damages, which may occur as a result of the above action and shall save and hold harmless 24 Asset Management Corporation, its Subcontractors and HUD from any and all liability .

In the case utilities are not already on at the property, you must provide a date the utilities are to be turned on & off below. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for the actual costs to activate and deactivate the utilities at the property as well as usage. (Remember that the plumbing lines may have to be De-Winterized PRIOR to activating the water). A professional plumber shall perform these services, at your expense, prior to the Water service activation. The utilities are to be activated in the purchaser’s name and at the purchaser’s expense. Please give 24 Asset Management Corporation 3 business days to review your request and process your approval prior to having the utilities turned on. You have a maximum of 3 business days to keep the utilities on in the Buyer's Name. (Buyer/Selling Agent must call the utility company to schedule the turn on/off dates.) If it interferes with your 10-15 day inspection period and/or appraisal period. 24 Asset Management Corporation will not be held liable for any contract extensions that may occur. A licensed real estate broker/agent must be present during inspections.
Please note the the first available date of activation is Tuesday 6/25/2024
I authorize and allow 24 Asset Management Corporation. (24Asset) to re-winterize the property within 24 hours of the turn off date listed above. Please send an email to: Utilitytesting@24asset.com when inspections have been completed to request 24Asset to re-winterize property.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that all water valves are left open during winterization. YOU shall make sure that all of the faucets and water valves, including water heaters and washing machines, are in the
OFF position before having the water activated. Failure to do so may result in the flooding of the property.

I, and agree to the terms of this agreement.

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If you are paying the required fee by Certified funds, you will have the option to submit this form by mail with the payment.

Why can’t we just activate the utilities ourselves and skip this process? This process is a HUD policy. You are required to receive approval from your Field Service Manager (FSM) prior to activating any utilities.

Can we leave utilities activated until closing? No, you cannot. You need to have utilities deactivated within 72hrs. This is a HUD policy.

We need to schedule our inspection and appraisal at the same time. How do we go about this? You need to speak to your lender and request an estimated date in which your appraiser will be at the property. If they cannot go out during your inspection period, then you will need to deactivate utilities. Once you receive word that your appraiser may be going to the property, you will have to request approval once again and await our response.

Do you require original signatures? No, your signature(s) above constitute your lawful signature.

How long does it generally take to receive approval for activation? It usually takes 2-3 business days to receive approval.

How do we know if the property is winterized? Your agent should have provided you the PCR (Property Condition Report) which was available when placing a bid. This report does state whether or not the property is winterized. Furthermore, your agent may visit the property to verify if the property is currently winterized as well.

Does the FSM activate utilities or does the buyer/agent activate utilities? It is the buyer’s responsibility to activate utilities upon receiving our signed approval.

24 Asset Management Corporation-Purchaser Utility Testing (EFF 10/01/2016)